ALW Centre (FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions

(QS1) How do I enrol? 

AL Centres accept enrolments all year round. To enrol, call the centre to register your interest and take a free assessment test for a chosen subject. Once you have discussed the results with your instructor, simply complete the course registration form, you will be ready to begin the lesson during your course start date. 


(QS2) What is the right age to start learning?

There is no minimum age. Our students range from high school students to university students and adults. Please contact AL Instructor if you are uncertain about when to start learning.


(QS3) What types of classes are available?

There are small group classes and intensive one-on-one sessions. Instructors give individual support to each student when needed. The aim is to allow students to learn and apply, and become confident learners.


(QS4) What are the learning programmes?

The AL learning programmes contain fundamental topics. The aim is to allow students to learn, improve and apply effectively, and to make further progress in their academic abilities, and study skills.


(QS5) How long does it take?

There are different courses available. It is best viewed as a long-term learning programme which covers fundamental knowledge and forms essential study habits. An individualised learning programme is provided for each student. The course duration ranges from 3 months to 6 months and 12 months, depending on the type of course and ability of each student.


(QS6) How does it work?

Most students have lessons in AL Centre every week and are provided with step-by-step guidance from their Instructor. There will be resources provided to students to bring home and complete before their next class.


(QS7) How do parents play a role in their child’s AL Programme?

Parents have the opportunity to enhance their child’s progress by giving them continuous support and positive encouragement at home. Many of our students have learnt the value of daily practice, responsibility and discipline during their learning period in AL.


(QS8) What are the qualifications of AL Instructors?

All instructors are qualified and trained AL Instructors. Instructors are tertiary educated with a wide range of teaching experience and participate in ongoing professional development programs throughout their time as an instructor.


(QS9) How do I choose my own preferred days of lessons?

Please contact AL Centre staff by phone or email to arrange your preferred lesson time and date. 


(QS10) What courses are available for me?

There are a wide range of courses available. These include:

ATAR English Course [ Academic Writing / Reading / Speaking / Listening Course ]

IELTS Intensive Master Course [ Academic IELTS and General IELTS Course ]

PTE Intensive Master Course [ Academic PTE and General PTE Course ]

ATAR Science, Bioscience and Health Science Course [ Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced/ Professional Science Course ]

ATAR Mathematics [ Essential Mathematics / General Mathematics / Mathematical Methods / Specialist Mathematics ]

Professional Academic Language Course [ Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced Language Course ]